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We help employees understand benefits, and help companies enroll and administer benefits.

Employers & HR

It Starts With Benefits Administration

When Steele builds the platform, it ensures a certain quality in the build. For the past 13 years, Steele has started every enrollment on schedule. Between 2019 and 2020, Steele renewed about 97% of our platform customers. Don’t just take our word for it! Let us connect you to a reference to explain why working with Steele is simply the best.

What to Expect
  • Employers & HR

    Guided Implementations

    We own the success of implementation. We’re not a vendor, we’re a partner that’s here to help.

  • Employers & HR

    Training & Support

    We provide a user guide, a library of past recorded training, an annual user meeting, and 1-on-1 training.

  • Employers & HR

    Save You Time

    Data feeds, access to reporting, & more. Experience the Steele difference.

The Benefits of Steele

Why Do Companies Love Steele?

Benefits administration is a tough job. There is a sea of law, administrative tasks, and compliance considerations that is constantly changing. Many provider decisions are made with cost in mind. Who is helping the employer with the softer side, such as making administration easier or helping employees understand benefits? You go through so much trouble to offer and administer the right offering. We make it easier for everyone, employer and employee alike.

What Benefits Does Steele Enroll?

Steele enrolls medical, health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, dental, vision, life, disability, worksite products, identity protection, and pet insurance. If there are other benefits an employer needs to be enrolled in, we can look at that as well. For example, we’ve enrolled sick bank contributions and on-site clinic services.

How Do You Work with Our Broker?

Steele works in lockstep with your consultant, advisor, or broker.  We work together with your broker to organize the detailed rules of your plan. We provide census reports, etc. to make your broker’s life easier. And, we coordinate at renewal time on tasks like recommending enrollment dates and drafting enrollment communications.

How Do Employees Enroll?

Employees have multiple ways to enroll, options include self enrolling online, enrolling by the call center, and enrolling on-site with Benefit Counselors. During a customer’s first year working with Steele, we suggest an active enrollment and a heavy communication strategy. When employees understand benefits, they stay loyal.

What Carriers Will Steele Work With?

Steele will work with most major carriers. Our best pricing is available when you place at least one worksite product with one of our six preferred providers. With preferred providers, you’ll get perks such as waived pre-existing exclusions and rich guarantee issue underwriting offers.

Which Steele Services Should I Consider?

Steele offers four services: Technology, Engagement, 1×1 Enrollment Assistance, and ACA Services.  Which services you select are determined by 1) what technology you already have and how well it’s working, 2) the specific bottlenecks or inefficiencies that are most important to address, 3) how much help you expect your employees to need, and 4) the number of third-party technology subsidies that may be available to you to offset the cost of services.

How Do I Learn More?

Reach out to us with the contact button below. We’ll set up a conversation to answer your questions, and can give you a software demonstration. We can talk through available services, costs, and funding ideas. When Steele and Advisors work together, we help to create more well employees and satisfied employers.