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You’re skilled at providing an employer experience. Let us help you create an equally valuable experience for the employee.

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It Starts With Benefits Administration

When Steele builds the platform, it ensures a certain quality in the build. For the past 13 years, Steele has started every enrollment on schedule. Between 2019 and 2020, Steele renewed about 97% of our platform customers. Don’t just trust us, let us connect you to a reference to explain why working with Steele is simply the best.

What to Expect
  • Brokers & Advisors

    Painless Implementations

    Be as involved as you like, but we’re going to own the success of the project.

  • Brokers & Advisors

    Increase Participation

    With our help, it’s common to see participation increase 100% or more.

  • Brokers & Advisors

    Save You Time

    Data feeds, access to reporting, & more. Experience the Steele difference.

The Benefits of Steele

Why Do Practice Leaders Love Steele?

Without the support of broker CEOs and Executive Vice Presidents, Steele could never have worked with a Big Ten University, publicly traded companies and nationally known school corporations. How much is it worth to protect the time of your top Client Executives? How much is it worth to wow your customers with responsiveness and flexibility? How much is it worth to not have to look over our shoulders to make sure the job gets done right? What would doubling participation in voluntary life or disability insurance do for your bottom line?

What Benefits Does Steele Enroll?

Steele enrolls medical, health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, dental, vision, life, disability, worksite products, identity protection, and pet insurance. If there are other benefits an employer needs to be enrolled in, we can look at that as well. For example, we’ve enrolled sick bank contributions and on-site clinic services.

How Competitive is Steele's Technology?

Steele configures, customizes, and supports the BenSelect platform by Selerix Systems.  The platform is used by about 20,000 employers and over 8 million employees.  What makes the platform unique is the extent that Steele can customize the platform for an employer’s needs. Multiple pay calendars, location specific eligibility, numerous benefit classes, and complex incentives driving rates and eligibility can all be handled.  To learn about ideas to make the benefit site better, click here.

Is it "Free" to Work with Steele?

It is not. While some communication and enrollment firms may work at no cost to the employer, that is not Steele’s model. Let us show you why our service is worth paying for. Different ways to fund Steele include 1) technology subsidies, 2) worksite product commission splits, 3) leveraging carrier licensing deals, 4) invoicing the employer, or 5) invoicing the broker. When we work together seamlessly it can be possible to provide a robust solution to your customer fully funded by insurance providers.

Does Steele Split Commissions with Brokers?

Our services can be funded in a variety of ways, including commission splits, technology subsidies, provider implementation credits, and fees to the employer.  When commission splits exist, they are commonly administered on worksite products only.  Most of the time the increase in participation when Steele is involved will off-set or eliminate any revenue reduction for brokers.  Lastly, by the end of 2024 we’re anticipating that 50% of our work will be fee based, so don’t hesitate to ask us about fee-only proposals.

How Do Steele Customers Enroll?

Steele does not dictate to our customers how they should enroll. Available choices include self-enrolling online, enrolling by the call center, and enrolling on-site with Benefit Counselors. During a customer’s first year working with Steele, we suggest an active enrollment and a heavy communication strategy. When employees understand benefits, they stay loyal.

What Carriers Will Steele Work With?

Steele will work with most major carriers. Our best pricing is available when you place at least one worksite product with one of our six preferred providers. With preferred providers, you’ll get perks such as waived pre-existing exclusions and rich guarantee issue underwriting offers.

Why Do Brokers Love Working With Steele?

Brokers love working with Steele for 3 reasons.  First, your customers need a reliable benefits technology solution, and Steele fits the bill.  When you recommend Steele, brokers can trust that you’re providing a great solution.  Second, Steele regularly increases participation in voluntary benefits.  When employees understand and enroll in benefits, they stay loyal to your customer.  Third, Steele protects the broker’s time.  When you work with Steele, you always know that you’ll be able to get the data you need, and that Steele will work through renewals and help the customer deliver a consistent and positive employee experience, even through the inevitable seasons of change.

How Do I Learn More?

Reach out to us with the contact button below. We’ll set up a conversation to answer your questions, and can give you a software demonstration. We can talk through available services, costs, and funding ideas. When Steele and Advisors work together, we help to create more well employees and satisfied employers.

Ready to Get Started?

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"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Steele for the past 5 years and I cannot express enough my gratitude for all they have done for us."

Jennifer Gaddis, Director of Human Resources, MS Companies

"Thank you, for all your help with this. This was a major help for me that you completed it. I am so very thankful you were able to complete this for Paoli Community School Corp!"

Cindy Eubank, Deputy Treasurer, Paoli Community School Corporation

"Perfect!!!! You have saved me so much time!"

Megan Bell, Chief Financial Officer, New Castle School Corporation

"Thank you! You do not know how much of a relief this was to not have to do this filing! You all are awesome."

Dana Ochs, Payroll Officer, Jennings County Schools

"We love the system and all it can do. We love the quick response from Mike and Melissa on everything we need. I wish all of our vendors were as thorough as Steele!"

Jill Britt, Director of Human Resources, Franklin Township Community Schools