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Steele’s philosophy is that to serve an employer, it helps to know what it’s like to work at one. That’s why our team is filled with people who have served key roles for employers including Benefit Coordinator, Training Specialist, Wellness Coordinator, Treasurer, and CFO.

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Our Team
  • Mike Steele

    Mike Steele

  • Wes Steele

    Wes Steele

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Andrew Graman

    Andrew Graman

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Michael Blink

    Michael Blink

    Senior Vice President, Customer Experience
  • Katy Esser

    Katy Esser

    Vice President, People
  • Jackie Berkley

    Jackie Berkley

    Administration and Finance Specialist
  • Nathan Bruner

    Nathan Bruner

    Customer Success Manager
  • Melissa Buckler

    Melissa Buckler

    Customer Success Manager
  • Connie Burgess

    Connie Burgess

    Sr. Customer Success Manager
  • Esther Burson

    Esther Burson

    Systems Implementation Specialist
  • Katie Conaway

    Katie Conaway

    Enrollment Specialist, Counselor Coordination
  • Scott Felix

    Scott Felix

    Customer Success Manager
  • Carol Hutton

    Carol Hutton

    Director of Quality and Compliance
  • Olivia Kilburn

    Olivia Kilburn

    Director, Customer Success
  • Kourtney Kumpf

    Kourtney Kumpf

    Senior Systems Architect
  • Emily LeMaire-Troyer

    Emily LeMaire-Troyer

    Customer Success Specialist
  • Joe Lilley

    Joe Lilley

    Enrollment Specialist
  • Johana Losoya

    Johana Losoya

    Enrollment Specialist
  • Melissa McAlister

    Melissa McAlister

    Customer Success Executive
  • Janet McClure

    Janet McClure

    Customer Success Manager
  • Ryan Miles

    Ryan Miles

    Director, IT
  • Lori Ralston

    Lori Ralston

    Marketing and Communications Coordinator
  • Kelsie Schnabel

    Kelsie Schnabel

    Systems Integration Specialist
  • Mike Shepherd

    Mike Shepherd

    Regional Sales Director for Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan
  • Hannah Sobieski

    Hannah Sobieski

    Customer Success Specialist
  • Steve Sonntag

    Steve Sonntag

    Strategic Brand Advisor
  • Susie Stafford

    Susie Stafford

    Administrative and Finance Assistant
  • Brett Steele

    Brett Steele

    Regional Director, Sales and Marketing
  • Katie Steele

    Katie Steele

    Director of Engagement
  • Zach Steele

    Zach Steele

    Customer Success Manager
  • Emma Stiggleman

    Emma Stiggleman

    Customer Success Manager
  • Kristen Stowe

    Kristen Stowe

    Enrollment Specialist, Quality Assurance
  • Christine Tollison

    Christine Tollison

    Director of Systems Integration
  • Jordan Turner

    Jordan Turner

    Systems Integration Specialist
  • Blake Williams

    Blake Williams

    Systems Architect
  • Tajé Wilson

    Tajé Wilson

    Customer Success Specialist

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