Whether you self-enroll online, invite Benefit Counselors on-site, or make available our call center for employee service – Steele has you covered.


Benefits Are Complicated

Employee benefits are complicated. Your employees need to know so much! On the health plan alone, employees need to understand verbiages like deductible, co-pay, and out-of-pocket maximum. But, it doesn’t stop there. Are the deductibles embedded for family members? Do you have a Health Savings Account eligible medical plan where the deductibles don’t start until after the co-pays? Do you have a telemedicine provider outside of your normal health insurance plan? Are generic prescriptions and primary care available from an on-site clinic?

That doesn’t even scratch the surface of what employees need to know. How soon does your employer pay disability to kick in? Would the benefit be taxable? Should the employee supplement it with a voluntary plan? How about supplemental benefits – how should employees find the right balance of being protected and limiting their out-of-pocket expenses?

Why Is Benefits Education Important?

When employees understand benefits, they stay loyal. Our enrollment service exists to help your employees better understand the benefits you offer. Beyond just helping employees understand benefits, this also helps the human resources department. It’s nice to have another resource (in Steele) to explain pre-existing conditions limitations, underwriting approvals needed for coverage, and so much more.

How Can Steele Help?

One-on-one enrollment
Each employee meets with a trained Benefit Specialist to complete enrollment.

Computer kiosk enrollment
Multiple computers are setup for employees to enroll and Steele provides an on-site person to assist as needed.

Call center enrollment
Employees enroll in benefits telephonically with a Benefit Specialist at Steele.

HR enrollment
Employees enroll with a representative of the employer’s HR of benefits staff – Steele provides the software to make it easy for the employer.

Self service enrollment
Employees enroll from their computer, tablet, or phone online.

No matter what method you choose, Steele can help you have an easy and effective enrollment. For even greater employee engagement, pair this service with Steele Engage, and text message, survey, and quiz your employees all year-round. Benefit communication has ties to employee loyalty.