Employee Engagement

Meet employees where they’re at – on their phones.  Reach employees with the right message, at the right time, on the right device.

Employee Engagement

The Problem We're Looking To Impact

The labor market is tight. Employees are leaving their company at increasing rates. Employee attitudes impact job performance. HR and Benefits Departments have strained capacity during mass hiring periods and open enrollment.

  • Help HR craft consistent and effective messaging

  • Get messaging into employees hands on the right device – their phones, tablets, and computers

  • Generate loyalty and appreciation from your workforce

  • Save HR time by automating the most common events based messaging

Return on Investment

When properly utilized, Engagement positively impacts onboarding, new hire enrollment, open enrollment, life event enrollment, and offboarding. Communications don’t need to be limited to just benefits, either. Engagement can transform the way companies communicate. Engage is more than a benefits tool – it’s a tool to enhance your brand and your employee experience. The cost is nominal compared to the return.

Audience Targeting

Send messages to target employees that have uniquely common characteristics, for example:

  1. Benefit eligible employees,
  2. Health plan participants,
  3. High deductible health plan participants,
  4. Opened a HSA but have not signed up for an account,
  5. Employees at a specific location,
  6. Employees in a specific job classification,

And so much more.

Automated Communications that Make HR Efficient and Consistent

Send automated messages that trigger to your audience anytime something happens in your benefits system.  No work is required from a user, the message just happens.  Examples of instances where messaging can be automated include:

  1. Employee is hired,
  2. Separation of employment occurs,
  3. Employee changes jobs within the company,
  4. Movement from one location to another within the company,
  5. Pay is updated for an employee,
  6. Dependent of the employee reaches age 26,

And so much more.

What Does the Engagement Service Do?
  • Employee Engagement

    Send Text Messages

    When you send a text message instead of an e-mail, three times as many people will read it.

  • Employee Engagement

    Push Notifications

    When employees get a notification of your communication on their phones, you capture their attention.

  • Employee Engagement

    Engage With Quizzes

    When you send quizzes, employees are motivated to learn & will remember your content.

  • Employee Engagement

    Learn With Surveys

    When you survey employees, you learn something and your employees feel valued.

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