5 Ways to Make Benefits Technology More Effective

Your benefits technology can do more than help you be efficient. It can be an employee retention tool.

Companies of all sizes and in all industries can benefit from maximizing the effectiveness of employee benefits technology.  In this post, we’ll talk about 5 simple steps every company can take to make to make your benefits technology more effective.

5. Match Site Colors to Your Brand

You carefully craft your reputation as a place to work, and you carefully craft your company’s brand.  Let your benefits technology site reinforce both your company’s brand and your employee experience by matching your technology site to your company colors.

4. Personalize the Landing Page

When you first log on to your benefits site, each employee sees an introduction or welcome screen.  Many technology platforms have canned text that welcomes the employee to their benefits experience.  Don’t miss this opportunity to customize and personalize the text.  Make your site uniquely yours.

3. Communicate Plans in the Ideal Order

Simply put, the order of your plans matter.  The way you choose plan order impacts the enrollment experience, and influences the choices employee’s make.  It helps employees understand how their benefits are designed to work together.  For more on how plans should be ideally ordered, read about it here.

2. Optimize Your Voluntary Products

Employees have a variety of needs, and so it makes sense to offer a variety of programs.  Life insurance, disability insurance, and supplemental health products should be a part of most portfolios.  Offering the programs alone isn’t enough.  Be thoughtful about underwriting design, what increments you offer, and availability of coverage for family members.

1. Choose Plan Text Banks with Purpose

When you launch benefits technology, there will be standard text that sets up each plan.  When you first launch the site, you may be on a tight time frame. It might not be the right time to think strategically about customizations.  The months following launch is a great time to make these customizations.  Already launched and it didn’t happen?  Don’t worry, it’s never too late.  Pro Tip: Be sure to write text that won’t need to be changed when you change carriers or plan years next year.  You’ll thank yourself in the lead up to open enrollment next year when your site already has a great, versatile text bank.

You’re using benefits technology for enrollment and administration, and you’ve made huge efficiency gains since you left paper enrollment.  The next step is to make the employee experience a little bit better.


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