How I build BenAdmin Cases by Kourtney Kumpf

Introduction to Benefits Administration Platforms
What are Benefits Administration Platforms, you ask? Picture this: an electronic enrollment platform that simplifies the whole experience – for employees to enroll in their benefits and for employers to manage them. It’s our way of making everyone’s life a bit easier, from providing enrollment information to carriers to handling employee payroll deductions.

Why Steele Installs Benefits Administration Platforms
We jumped into the BenAdmin world as the government started asking companies for ACA reporting. Employers were in a tight spot, needing a streamlined way to comply, and Steele came to the rescue.

The Importance of Benefits Administration Platforms
Why bother with all this? Simple. It’s about making ACA compliance a breeze for employers and the enrollment process as easy as possible for employees. Gone are the days of paper enrollments. We’re talking about a significant chunk of your employment package here – benefits matter, and understanding what you’re getting into is crucial.

The Nuts and Bolts of Building a Benefits Administration Platform
Let’s dive into it, shall we?

  1. Collaboration Is Key: The CSMs team up with our customers, tackling the workbook together. This guide has all the details – from benefits amounts to medical plan options.
  2. Creating the Platform: With the workbook as our source of truth, we craft the employer case and build the benefits plans. The cases include everything – core and voluntary benefits alike.
  3. Testing, Testing: Before we roll out the red carpet for open enrollment, we run a test drive with a “test” person to ensure the rules are spot-on.
  4. Going Live: Post-testing, we upload a census full of employee information, setting the stage for a great enrollment.
  5. The Afterparty: Once open enrollment wraps up, we send over the enrollment feeds to carriers and ensure payroll deductions are on track.

Key Takeaways from Building a Benefits Administration Platform

  • Collaboration and detailed planning are the backbone of setting up a successful BenAdmin case.
  • Testing is a crucial step to ensure a smooth enrollment experience for everyone involved.
  • Post-enrollment, the focus shifts to ensuring carriers and payroll systems are updated seamlessly.

Wrapping Up: A Sigh of Relief
You might wonder, when does Steele kick back and celebrate? Not until the last platform is launched and running smoothly. It’s about crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, ensuring every employee can navigate their benefits with ease.




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