Welcoming New Employees: Six Communication Automations for a Great Employee Experience

Starting a new job is a whirlwind of emotions – excitement, nervousness, anticipation, and curiosity, to name a few. Among the tasks and information thrown at a new hire, understanding and navigating the benefits package can often seem overwhelming.

Enter your onboarding communication campaign. Design a campaign to not just to inform, but to simplify, guide, and reassure. Let’s dive deep into how automated onboarding communications are reshaping the benefits journey for new employees.

  1. Create First Impressions
    The initial days of a new job are crucial in setting the tone for an employee’s experience with the organization. Automated welcome messages, sent with warmth and clarity, can make new hires feel valued and provide a positive introduction to your company.
  1. Communicate Your Offerings
    A comprehensive benefits package can be intricate. Onboarding communications can act as a virtual guide, sharing high level details of your package and explaining its relevance.  Through multiple drips, they can also detail your benefits and the process in bite-sized, digestible pieces.
  1. Send Timely Reminders and Prompts
    The onboarding phase is filled with tasks and deadlines. Automated reminders ensure that new employees don’t miss out on any critical benefits-related timelines, be it enrollment windows, documentation submissions, or educational resources.
  1. FAQs at Their Fingertips
    Common queries that most new hires have can be addressed through automated FAQ messages or direction to a forms library where resources are available. By preemptively answering these questions, companies can reduce uncertainty and build confidence in their new team members.
  1. Personalization for Connection
    Today’s employee craves a personalized experience: Automated systems can tailor messages to include the employee’s name, and be customized based on the employee’s role, demographics, and location, making the communication more relevant and engaging.
  1. Feedback Loops
    Automated systems can also solicit feedback from new hires about their onboarding experience, allowing HR teams to continually refine and improve the process.


The onboarding phase is an important time in an employee’s journey, laying the foundation for their relationship with the your company. By smartly utilizing automated onboarding communications, companies can ensure that new hires are not just informed but feel supported, valued, and empowered. In a world where benefits are complicated, this automation can support your culture and offer consistency, guiding new team members towards a smooth and confident start.



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