Fireside Chat with Long Time Steele Employee Joe Lilley 

Enrollment Specialist, Joe Lilley, spent countless hours this past Open Enrollment Season enrolling employees in benefits both onsite and in our call center. He took some time to share his insights on the enrollment process and the value he derives from it.  

What’s something that you enjoy about being an enroller?
 I enjoy and thrive on enrolling face-to-face and helping employees understand their benefits and the value they can provide to them and their loved ones. I especially enjoy enrolling educators. They are experts in their fields, but when it comes to understanding how their benefits work, they are all ears and they often become the student. I admire them for taking the time out to sit down with me on their busy schedules.  

Which benefits do you spend the most time educating employees on before they make elections?
Usually, we only have 15–20 minutes to go through the enrollment process. Most educators understand the concepts of how their medical, dental, and vision policies work but they are eager for a better understanding of how the voluntary products work in relation to their core benefits.  

What’s your goal as an enrollment specialist? 
Sometimes cafeteria staff, custodians, and teacher’s aides are overlooked concerning their benefit needs. I take joy in helping them understand the importance of voluntary products and how they can benefit them financially in a time of need. Perhaps on a limited income, these employees are more concerned about what would happen if they became ill or had an accident. Would they continue to get paid? If not, how would they be able to pay their bills or rent? If they had a devastating illness, how would they pay their medical bills if they had a high-deductible medical plan or no insurance at all? My goal is to make every employee I see leave our meeting with peace of mind knowing they are better off understanding how their benefits work for them.