My Life as an Orr Fellow- Emily LeMaire

During my senior year in college, I applied for an Orr Fellowship with minimal business experience. However, I was told that all majors were welcome as long as they shared the qualities of being Hungry, Humble, and People Smart.

For context, Orr Fellowship is a two-year postgraduate program targeting recent college graduates and looks to recruit and develop the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs. Orr Fellows commit to both Orr Fellowship and their Partner Company. To my surprise, I was invited to Finalist Day, where I interviewed with three companies, one of them being Steele.

Without Orr Fellowship I would not have had as many opportunities in such a short span, nor would I have ever known of Steele. Orr Fellowship has given me networking opportunities, leadership workshops, a supportive community of other young professionals, and access to spaces I never thought I would enter. It has been a gift of growth, giving memories, friends, and peers I can always reach out to for work or life.

Being an Orr Fellow at Steele has allowed me to explore an industry I had limited knowledge of. Approaching nearly a year, I can say that being a part of Steele and Orr Fellowship has been a formative period in my life. I am grateful for the growth and experiences Orr Fellowship and Steele has brought me.



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