Beyond Manual: 11 Benefits Communications That Can Be Automated

Communication is at the heart of successful benefits administration. While direct connections to carrier systems or intricate usage data can enhance this process, there’s a wealth of communications that can be automated to supplement these functionalities and take the software effectiveness to the next level. Here’s a closer look at how benefits administration systems can drive engagement through timely and relevant automated messages:

  1. Improving the Open Enrollment Experience
    Open enrollment periods can be overwhelming for many employees. Automated notifications serve as timely reminders and distribution of key information, ensuring everyone is aware and prepared to make informed benefit selections.
  1. Enabling Post Enrollment Confirmations
    Post-enrollment, it’s essential for employees to have clarity on their chosen benefits. Automated emails detailing their selections offer both transparency and a useful record for future reference.
  1. Adapting to Life’s Big Moments
    Life events, be it marriage, the birth of a child, or relocation, often come with a slew of administrative tasks. By sending automated prompts following such events, employees are guided on potential benefits adjustments or necessary actions, simplifying the process during often busy times.
  1. Navigating the Endings: Termination Notices
    When an employee parts ways with a company, understanding the implications on their benefits is crucial. Automated communications can shed light on how terminations affect their benefits, duration of any remaining coverage, and options they might consider thereafter.
  1. Embracing Changes: Benefits Adjustments Post Life Events
    Life events can reshape the benefits landscape for an employee. Automated notifications can inform employees of changes or additional benefits they might now be eligible for, ensuring they’re always in the know.
  1. The Power of Periodic Education
    Whether it’s at year-end, mid-year, or monthly, employees can receive automated benefits education about your benefit packages. These summaries provide a comprehensive view of benefits you offer, but outside open enrollment in a way that enables employees to stay engaged through the year.
  1. Staying Compliant: Document Upload Reminders
    Certain benefits might require periodic documentation, like proving a dependent’s eligibility. Automated reminders help employees stay compliant, reducing potential errors or administrative burdens in benefits administration.
  1. Engaging with Events Promotion
    Knowledge is power. Companies hosting informational sessions, fairs, flu shot days, and more can use message campaigns to boost attendance, ensuring employees are equipped with the knowledge to engage with companies in a personalized way.
  1. Staying Updated: Compliance and Policy Changes
    The benefits landscape is ever-evolving. Whether it’s supporting ACA reporting, distributing notices, or communicating regulatory shifts or company policy updates, notifications ensure that employees are informed and can adapt accordingly.
  1. Valuable Feedback through Surveys
    Feedback drives improvement. Post major benefits events, automated surveys can be dispatched, allowing companies to gather insights and refine their benefits administration processes.
  1. Welcoming the New: Onboarding Communications
    For those new to the organization, the world of benefits can be daunting. Automated onboarding messages introduce new hires to the benefits system, guiding them through initial enrollment and setting the tone for a smooth benefits journey.


Employee benefit engagement, while challenging to the employer, can be significantly enhanced through automated communications. By focusing on key touchpoints and ensuring timely, relevant communications, companies can enable employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall well-being. Automated communication systems, as a supplement to benefit data and carrier connections, are proven to help take benefits administration effectiveness to a new level.