Virtual Benefit Counselor Training

Tuesday, October 18
10:00 am – 11:30 am EDT

Optional, Unpaid


Virtual Benefit Counselor Training

Enrolling an Employee, PhD

This training will focus on several components of an effective enrollment, including:

  • Rapport building,
  • Procedural check boxes for each enrollment meeting,
  • Core benefits discussion, i.e. medical insurance, and
  • Skillfully positioning worksite products, i.e. accident insurance.

It’s true that many enrollments are funded by the sale of worksite products, and that “selling” is important. But, when you put the employee first and position products the right way, enrollers are a tremendous asset to your customer as an educator for financial wellness.

  • Participants in this training will have a thorough understanding of how to receive positive performance reviews on Steele enrollment projects.

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