New Capability: Texting Employees Before Hire Date


When companies hire new a new employee, you want to make a good impression.  One way to make a good impression is with great communication.  Steele’s Engagement Services helps companies send consistent, personalized, relevant, and timely communications.

Companies that subscribe to Steele Engagement Service can now send messaging to employees before their hire dates.

What is Steele Engagement

Steele Engagement is a communication solution that helps companies easily create meaningful communications and get it into the right employees hands, right when they need it.

How Does Steele Engagement Work?

  • Build an Audience

Audience Builder helps companies create relevant lists of employees so that you can send the right message to the right employee.

  • Send a Message or Campaign

After selecting an audience, you can craft your message to employees.  The medium of your message can be push notifications, e-mails, and/or text messages.  The types of messages you can send include single messages, campaigns, surveys, and quizzes.  Messages can either be developed and sent at a point-in-time, or they can be developed and automated to send at specified event triggers such as hire, rehire, or having a covered dependent turn 26 years old.

New Capability: Message Employees in Advance of Hire Date

Effective immediately, companies can now message employees in advance of their hire dates.  An automated message or campaign can trigger when employees are added to the system, even if their hire date is in the future.

Why Is Messaging in Advance of the Hire Date Important?

There are many reasons you may decide to send messages to employees in advance of their hire dates.  A few examples could include:

  • Making employees feel comfortable to go to work for you
  • Linking to important onboarding documents
  • Providing information about your benefit package in an electronic format
  • Inviting employees to enroll in benefits

Key Takeaway

Subscribe to Steele Engagement to send push notifications, targeted e-mails, and text messages to employees – Steele will help you set up point in time and automated messages to help you provide relevant, timely, and personalized communication.

That communication can begin immediately when you add employees to the system, even if their hire date is in the future.

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