1 in 4 Teachers in Indiana Enroll in Benefits with Steele

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Steele enrolls and administers employee benefits for 40+ school corporations in Indiana, including 12 of the 25 largest school corporations in the state.  In total, Steele enrolls benefits in more than 1 in 4 K-12 teachers across the state.  Data is estimated based on total enrollment counts by school corporation that is available through the Indiana Department of Education.

History with School Corporations

Steele has rich history serving educators.  Steele was founded in 2000 specifically to serve the education community.  Steele began providing insurance services to school corporations in 2000, medical insurance enrollment services in 2008, and affordable care act reporting services in 2015.  In 2021, Steele began providing text messaging services, and recently announced the capability for school corporations to begin engaging employees before their hire dates.

Why We’re a Fit For School Corporations

School corporations have complicated benefits.  Often, there is one or more bargaining units.  You have teachers, non-teachers, administrators, and retirees.  Employees may have multiple payroll deduction calendars.  Corporations may be in trusts or consortiums.  Lastly, schools tend to have specialty payroll systems that are different providers than you see in the private sector.

All of the above factors make school corporations complicated to administer.  At Steele, we understand these complications and that makes us a valuable partner for school corporations.

Other Geographies Served

Steele enrolls employees in about 40 states across America.  The company has two sales offices – one located in Indianapolis, IN and another based in Cincinnati, Ohio.  States where Steele has a target focus on serving educators include Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio.

Other Industries Served

Beyond school corporations, Steele serves many other industries including but not limited to:

  • County, City, and Town governments
  • Private schools and universities
  • Medical providers, including hospitals and other care facilities
  • Industry, especially manufacturing

Key Takeaway

Connect with Steele to talk about benefits administration, engagement, enrollment, or ACA compliance if you’re a school corporation leader, or a broker or advisor that serves school corporations.

Steele offers no cost consultations that include software demonstrations and risk-free proposals for service.  Steele is not an insurance broker and works in close collaboration with the broker/advisor community.

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