Steele has been awarded the prestigious title of Best Place to Work 2024!

This honor is a testament to our culture we’ve built together, where character, teamwork, growth, and service shine! Behind this achievement is our team. Every day, they bring their best selves to work, pushing progress and inspiring growth. This award belongs to each and every one of you. Thank you for making Steele more than just a workplace, but a community where we all thrive. But we’re not stopping here! We’re committed to continuing our efforts to be the best place to work, not just in 2024, but for years to come. Stay tuned as we share more about what makes our culture stand out and how we plan to keep the momentum going. Join us in this celebration and in making Steele an even better place to work every day. 🎉 #BestPlaceToWork2024 #SteeleTeam #1PercentBetter