Steele Announces Purchase of Selerix Software License

Steele Announces Purchase of Selerix Software License


Indianapolis, Indiana – [June 18,2021]  Effective immediately, Steele owns an independent license to the BenSelect product produced by Selerix Systems.  In the past, Steele has generally operated on BenSelect software licenses owned by insurance carriers.  Across America, 7 million employees and over 19,000 companies enroll in benefits using the BenSelect platform.

A few of the relevant implications of Steele owning a Selerix license include:

  1. Participating employers will not have an insurance carrier logo on their log in page,
  2. There are no strings attached in terms of employers having to offer certain types of benefits,
  3. There is an increased ability to work with any carrier,
  4. If a worksite product provider changes, there is no longer a need to migrate the BenSelect site to a new software license as a result of the change,
  5. Steele has the freedom to operate on a fee-only basis when appropriate,
  6. The platform will serve as a single source for future API connections with service providers such as payroll companies, and
  7. The broker/advisor community has easier access to employer/employee data.

“This announcement has been a long time coming,” said Wes Steele, CEO at Steele.  “This supports our passion to be the most respected benefits enrollment and administration solution in America.  According to Wes Steele, having increased flexibility to distribute the platform with less strings attached opens the door for new partnerships with payroll companies, brokers, insurance companies, and employers.

Steele is a benefits communication, engagement, enrollment, and administration company that has been in business for decades.  Steele is a nationally leader service provider for the Selerix platform with extensive experience in data feeds, self-billing, ACA services, engagement services, and more. To learn more about Steele, visit





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