Employee Spotlight Morgan Ligon

Tell us about your professional background before Steele. I graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in Event Management. While in school I did a few internships in event management and one of those was for a non-profit. I found out during the internship that I loved the non-profit world. My first job out of college was at an auction technology company as an Event Coordinator for fundraising events. Businesses and non-profits would use the software for online mobile bidding and fundraising to raise money for their organization. Then Covid happened and I was furloughed from that position in 2020. I decided to go into banking and find the stability I was searching for.  I then received an opportunity to get back into another fundraising technology company where I felt back in my niche. I know I thrive as a Relationship Manager and found Steele on Linkedin who was hiring for a Customer Success Manager and thought the position was right up my alley and would allow me to use all my best skills while learning a new industry.

When and how did you get involved with Steele Benefits? I wanted a more stable position, so I decided to explore the insurance industry which could open many doors and opportunities. I met with Katy Esser and really enjoyed chatting with her. I like that Steele is family owned and a smaller company. I love the flexibility of my schedule and the trust Steele instills in us.

Do you have a favorite Steele memory? I started in June of 2022 and the first event I attended was the Steele Retreat in July. We had a pool party and ended the night bowling at the Punch Bowl Social. It was great to hang out with my coworkers outside of work and I really enjoyed the team bonding, meeting their families, and getting to know my team on a more personal level.

Outside of work, what kind of hobbies do you have? My husband and I have a rescue dog named Charlie whom we enjoy taking walks and playing ball with. We both really like to cook and try different recipes every week. My husband and I also like exploring new Indiana breweries and wineries.

Are there any new skills or insights you’ve picked up while working at Steele? I have learned so much in my time at Steele. I have learned so many aspects of insurance knowledge, including benefits, and products, and learning in greater detail about how Steele supports their customers.

What’s an interesting fact not many people know about you? In 2012, I tried out for American Idol in Chicago. I did not make it that far in the process, but it was such an amazing experience I will never forget. I did get interviewed by a local news station while waiting in line and ended up singing a little snippet of my audition song and made it on the local news!

What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? On my recent honeymoon, I had the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. I even received a kiss while being up close and personal with a dolphin named Cashew.

What would you sing at Karaoke night? My go-to is Man I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain. Such a classic!

Where and what is your dream vacation? My dream vacation would be Ireland. I have always found this country to be interesting and to explore where some of my ancestors came from. All while experiencing their culture and delve into all their local food.

Do you have any irrational fears? Bugs. Any kind of bugs. I make my husband take care of them.