Employee Spotlight Melissa McAlister

Tell us about your professional background before Steele. When I moved to Indy, I worked at a trucking company as the Training and Development Coordinator for their admin staff. I met Kourtney Kumpf when I worked there because she worked in their benefits department.

When and how did you get involved with Steele Benefits? I was ready for a job change. So, I contacted Kourtney to see if there were any openings at Steele because she seemed so happy and only had wonderful things to say about Steele.

How has your role evolved since then? I started out as a Customer Success Manager. Now, I am a Customer Success Executive. I do a lot of training for our new hires. I also have my own customers and I support them however I can. Our team keeps growing, which is fabulous, so the need for training is always there. I support my own team of CSMs and Customer Success Specialists.

Do you have a favorite Steele memory? I have loved all the Steele trips. Grand Lake Colorado, Captiva Island (twice). I enjoy our get-togethers, like hanging out at Miguel’s pool. I am friends with so many of my coworkers, that it makes just hanging out together a lot of fun.

What is an interesting fact few people know about you? I lived in four different states by the time I was twelve. I was born in Iowa and my dad was a high school teacher. He wanted to get his masters in Nebraska, and his doctorate in Illinois and then we moved to Kentucky for his work.

Tell us about your she-shed. I love my she-shed. It was born out of a need to have a place to work. I have two boys. When covid hit, I had one child, and I used the guest bedroom. After my second child was born, I needed a dedicated space to work. I love working from home, so I wanted to find a solution and my own girly space. Now, I have a fully functional office in the backyard complete with air conditioning and a chandelier.

What would you say to yourself at age 15? In 15 years, your life is going to look great. I have the things for which I was praying. I am married and I love my job. I have two wonderful kids and great friends.

 If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Teleportation so I would not have to commute anywhere.

What would you sing at Karaoke night? I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston