How Steele Benefits Works Hand-in-Hand with Brokers

Brokers play a pivotal role as architects of tailored benefits strategies for companies. At Steele, we recognize the value of these partnerships, and our collaboration with brokers is central to delivering a robust service experience to our customers. Let’s look at how Steele and brokers work together to create the ultimate benefits experience for companies.

Understanding the Partnership

At Steele, brokers are essential allies. We complement broker expertise with our dedicated enrollment, engagement, technology, and compliance solutions to provide rounded strategy that goes way beyond just ‘what does your company offer and how much does it cost’ to create a truly unique engagement experience for every customer we jointly serve.

Building on Broker Expertise

Brokers are the strategic architects of the benefits landscape, having comprehensive market knowledge and insight into customer needs. Steele enhances this expertise by providing tools and robust support, empowering brokers to get the most of an impactful benefit strategy. Through communication and engagement, we enhance the value of every benefit offered.

Custom Solutions for Complex Needs

Our experience with complex companies opens the door for creative work from brokers. For example, we make it possible to administer carve outs, surcharges, wellness credits, and more. We have a customized service delivery, ensuring that each customer receives a solution that is not just effective but also aligned with their business goals and customer needs.

Technology that Empowers

In today’s age, technology is a game-changer. Steele’s tech-forward approach provides brokers with best tools for enrollment, administration, engagement, and reporting. This ensures that brokers can offer their customers solutions that are not only compliant and efficient but also accessible and user-friendly.

The Collaborative Process

The synergy between Steele and brokers is not left to chance. It is a process that is intentional through every phase of the customer cycle.

  1. Assessment:
    • Joint discovery sessions to understand the customer’s objectives.
    • Comprehensive needs analysis to tailor the technology and support services.
  2. Kickoff:
    • Collaborative strategy meetings to set the stage for implementation.
    • Clear communication plans established to ensure all parties are aligned.
  3. Workbook:
    • Detailed planning documents that outline every aspect of the benefits program.
    • Technology integration plans that sync with the broker’s vision for their customer.
  4. Build:
    • Customizing the enrollment platform to reflect the customer’s specific needs and branding.
    • Tailored communication plan that engages employees.
  5. Testing:
    • Rigorous testing of technology solutions to ensure a smooth rollout.
    • Feedback loops between brokers and companies to refine the experience.
  6. Enrollment:
    • Multiple enrollment approaches including self service, call center, and on-site support.
    • Real-time monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure a successful enrollment experience.
  7. Reporting:
    • Providing brokers with on demand reports that they can use to understand results.
  8. Service:
    • Ongoing support and collaboration to serve our mutual customers and their employees.
    • Regular check-ins to adapt to any changes in the customer’s needs or the benefits environment.


In the partnership between Steele and brokers, the sum is greater than its parts. By combining the unique strengths of each, we create a powerful alliance that stands ready to address the complexities of employee benefits and more importantly, a company’s strategic needs. Together, we are not just serving customers but also fortifying the backbone of their organizations — their people.