Employee Engagement

Go Beyond E-mail for Employee Communications

Send Text Messages

When you send a text message instead of an e-mail, three times as many people will read it

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Push Notifications

Push Notifications

When employees get a notification of your communication on their phone, you capture their attention.

Engage with Quizzes

When you send quizzes, employees are motivated to learn & will remember your content

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Learn with Surveys

When you survey employees, you learn something and your employees feel valued

Digitally Connect with ASKHR

When employees send you a message through the mobile app, you respond from your normal work e-mail account

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Use your phone to view your employee benefits, store your insurance card, see your beneficiaries, and understand who is covered

Open enrollment instructions by text

Link to an important Flyer

Educate about HSA's

Share Flu Shot instructions

Provide wellness information

Welcome new hires to the company

Link to your benefits presentation

Tell an employee about their dependent aging off a plan

How easy was open enrollment? (survey)

Pop Quiz - how well do you know our benefits?


Borrow Idea

It's a New Day in Engagement. When Employees Understand Benefits, They Stay Loyal.


Selerix benefit administration software configuration and support.


Affordable Care Act reporting and filing  services.


Enrollment support by call center and/or on-site support.


SMS (text) messaging, quizzes, surveys, e-mail, posters, and/or video.

How Much Does it Cost?


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