Steele Basic™

Benefit communication, one-time per year

Steele Basic™ is designed for the employer that wants benefit enrollment help in order to communicate the value of a benefit package, but does not need leave behind benefit enrollment software.  Maybe you already have a different benefit administration software solution, or maybe you’re not ready to make the investment in a year-round solution yet.

If your primary objective is professional communication and education for the purpose of generating high employee satisfaction and retention rates, then Steele Basic™ is for you.   Incorporating voluntary products to supplement the core medical, dental and vision plans provides effective options to ensure the needs of your employees are being met.

Steele has contracts with many different insurance companies and a strong knowledge of underwriting, plan design and administration. In addition to providing on-site, over-the-phone and online representatives in the Basic package, Steele Benefits assists employers in choosing plans to fit their budget and workforce.  Steele has designed our Basic package for those clients needing support for their voluntary enrollment only.


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