Enterprise Propel™

Benefit Administration on a Budget

Enterprise Propel™ is designed for the budget conscious employer that is ready to eliminate paper from the open enrollment process, and wants to do that while making a minimum financial investment in order to obtain a solution.

While low in cost, Enterprise Propel™ still includes robust functionality that an employer will need, including:

  • an employer administration site
  • an employee enrollment site
  • data feeds to insurance carriers
  • life events administration
  • robust billing and reporting

The employer who selects Enterprise Propel™ can administer complex needs such as spousal surcharge and carve out, tobacco distinct pricing, and complex eligibility and voluntary benefit offerings. The system itself is the same system offered at Enterprise Elevate™, but at less than half the cost.

Enterprise Propel™ may be right for you if you value pure functionality alone, and matching your brand colors precisely is an un-needed luxury. Enterprise Propel™ is recommended for employers that have a separate and adequate ACA Reporting solution, and don’t mind continuing to on-board their own employees in benefits, with the assistance of a robust benefit administration solution.

You will love Enterprise Propel™ if your primary goal is to have one database for benefits administration, and making a modest investment for a robust system is your primary goal.


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