Enterprise Comply™

Benefits Administration with Compliance Support

Enterprise Comply™ is designed for the employer that is ready to make ACA Compliance easier and more accurate. Enterprise Comply™ includes all the robust benefit administration functionality of Enterprise Propel™, but goes one step further by activating the Affordable Care Act module.

Just think, within our system you’ll have:

  • who you employed that was full and part time,
  • who you offered coverage to, at what cost, and when,
  • which employees participated, and
  • which family members participated.

These are the basic data points needed for Steele to produce your ACA reporting forms. Gone are the days where you need to request reports from your carriers, setup feeds to payroll from your carriers with eligibility information, or fear making a multi-million dollar decision to change health plans based on the administrative impact to the HR department of disrupting procedures for delivering on the IRS mandated reporting requirements.

The employer that chooses Enterprise Comply™ experiences the comfort and security that Steele is behind you to help you report accurately, regardless of what benefits you offer, how much they cost, or what insurance company they are provided through.

Enterprise Comply™ is budget friendly compared to most market solutions, and you’ll love the peace of mind knowing Steele is behind you to help fulfill your mandated reporting obligations.


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