Less Work for HR

At Steele, we understand how busy and stressful HR can be.  Especially during open enrollment, there is a lot of work to do.  Let us take the stress off your hands by supporting you before, during, and after your open enrollment process.

  • Organize your rules and rates
    Steele will help you administer your different eligibility classes, and contract details like age ups on voluntary life and benefit reductions at older ages.
  • Enrollment pre-communication
    Whether it be videos, postcards, e-mail templates, or group meetings – Steele has ideas to help you promote what’s important during your open enrollment.
  • Open enrollment support
    Open enrollment should already be on the right path when you start – because we’ve helped you get the lead-up right.  Now Steele will help you on-site, via call center, or by providing employees with enrollment instructions.
  • Post enrollment reporting
    We offer data feeds to your medical, dental, vision, and COBRA providers.  We offer self bills for life and disability plans.  And we offer payroll deduction files for COBRA.  All of which makes your job easier.
  • Year-round tool
    We make life easier for new hire onboarding, life events, and terminations.
  • Specialty needs
    We can help with a census for a dependent eligibility audit, electronics contracts for bargaining agreements, data feeds to clinic and telemedicine providers, and much more.

Benefits and HR departments value Steele because we make their lives easier.


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