How Steele Improves Benefits Understanding and Participation

Your organization could have the most robust benefits package available on the market, but what if your employees simply aren’t taking advantage of those offerings? Do they even know how their benefits work?

That’s where Steele steps in to expand benefits education among your employees and boost your enrollment participation rates.

Start With The Perfect Messaging

Steele is a tool that employers use to craft an employee experience where people have a great understanding of employee benefits. When employees understand benefits, they stay loyal! The first step to great benefits engagement is crafting your unique employer message. What is it that makes your benefit package the best possible package that you’ve crafted to do something awesome for your employees? Define that, then let us help you tell the story.  At a minimum, you can expect Steele to:

  1. Understand the benefits being provided to your employees.
  2. Understand the particular unique employer message.
  3. Put the employee at the center – offer the employee insights that help them maximize their financial wellness.

What is this message? Maybe this centers around the dollars you contribute for the employee.  Maybe it centers around the breadth of benefits you offer. Maybe it centers around accumulated tax advantaged savings. Maybe it centers around providing maximum dollars for health and wellness.

Whatever your message, let us help employees see the hidden value of their benefits, and unlock employee appreciation for your brand and culture.

Benefits Education with a Personal Touch

Do your employees know what a deductible is? Can they describe how a health savings account works? Steele’s trained Benefits Counselors connect with your organization’s employees and deepens their knowledge about how benefits work. Many companies with comprehensive benefits packages struggle to properly relay the kind of value each benefit can bring to an employee. This is a missed opportunity for employers!

For example, an employee might have less than $1,000 in the bank. Does the employee understand that 1) choosing a high deductible health plan instead of a PPO, then 2) investing their premium savings in a health savings account, and 3) mitigating their financial risk by enrolling in an accident and critical illness plan may be the path that maximizes the employee’s financial well being? It is our job to help the employee make this connection and choose the right employee benefits.

Steele makes a sizable, personal impact because we assess each employee’s current needs on an individual level to then help the employees understand which options might be the best fit for them, all while explaining precisely what each benefit means.

In one specific instance from a Steele client, heart disease ran in one employee’s family. At the time, this employee didn’t realize the company’s critical illness option actually covered heart disease and almost neglected to enroll in the benefit. Thankfully, a Steele enroller was already well aware of this history and made sure this employee fully understood the safety and value a critical illness benefit could bring.

It is this kind of service that has employees completing open enrollment feeling confident about the benefit elections they make and returning year-after-year. Working with Steele, your employees can have the best understanding of benefits they’ve ever had. And they have you to thank for it.

Choose How the Education Happens

There’s no substitute for benefits education on a person-by-person basis. The personal connection simply gives employees the best understanding of how their benefits work and what benefits are being offered. Where does this one to one education take place?

Steele accomplishes this by providing enrollment services like on-site benefit counselors and call center availability to your organization. This way your employees get access to licensed insurance professionals that know the company benefit plans and can help them understand every step of it. Everything our benefit counselors do is in the interest of making enrollment easy on both the employee and the company.

When your employees fully realize just how much value your benefits package brings to them, skyrocketing benefits participation rates follow close behind.

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