Easy Open Enrollment

Not every company prefers the same strategy when it comes to effectively completing open enrollment. When you partner with Steele, we provide the process flexibility you need.

Ways Steele can support your enrollment include:

  • One-on-one enrollment
    Each employee meets with a trained Benefit Specialist to complete enrollment.
  • Computer kiosk enrollment
    Multiple computers are setup for employees to enroll and Steele provides an on-site person to assist as needed.
  • Call center enrollment
    Employees enroll in benefits telephonically with a Benefit Specialist at Steele.
  • HR enrollment
    Employees enroll with a representative of the employer’s HR of benefits staff – Steele provides the software to make it easy for the employer.
  • Self service enrollment
    Employees enroll from their computer, tablet, or phone online.

No matter what method you choose, Steele can help you have an easy and effective enrollment.


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