Why Benefit Software is Trending

In the year 2004, most companies enrolled health insurance open enrollments on paper. At the time, that made sense! What Changed?

First, there were not a lot of employee benefit systems that executed online enrollment well. That has now changed.  There are many good systems for employers to choose from.

Second, systems were expensive to purchase and manage. Why? Commonly, benefits enrollment systems were part of a full payroll and HRIS package, which means they were an enterprise level software. Now there are many standalone benefit softwares, bringing service levels up and price points down.

Third, the regulatory environment also contributed to benefits technology growth. Major provisions of the Affordable Care Act went into effect in 2014. Before the Affordable Care Act, offering health insurance and having an open enrollment period was optional for employers of all sizes.

Fourth, the software market as a whole matured.  It’s easy to forget today, but even GOOGLE was founded as recently as 1998. Inevitably, as software technology development matured, software was developed to fit a variety of business needs.

The proliferation of benefits technology into the marketplace was predictable, if only because software technology proliferated many aspects of our daily life over the same time period.