What I Learned at Steele Challenge Day

We had an internal team building exercise called Steele Challenge Day. We broke the company into two teams and had an internal competition. When we started the challenge, I thought there was going to be a winning team and a losing team. What I didn’t realize is that the Company was going to be the real winner, because we learned so much about ourselves.

Here are 4 things I learned about Steele today:

  1. Our employees are more creative than I give them credit for.Part of the challenge was creating two videos about a Steele related topic. Our employees set-up short notice meetings at our clients, walked through their doors, and shot Client Testamonial Videos with no notice. I was blown away that our employees thought to involve our clients in the videos. I was also blown away that our Clients were excited and willing to participate. Involving our Clients was such a powerful idea.
  2. Our clients are consistent in what they say about us.Unscripted, our clients were consistent in how they describe Steele. They described us as “responsive”, appreciated our availability, felt comfortable they could “call us anytime”, felt we helped them be more accurate, count on us to “get it done right the first time”, and appreciated that we help them do in hours what would’ve taken days before they hired Steele. Our clients have employees that better understand their benefits because of the help we give them.
  3. We have a strong story, according to our clients.It’s amazing how our clients consistently characterize how valuable we are to them. We are not always the least expensive option for an employer. But price is only a problem in the absence of value, and we are providing tremendous value.
  4. There is a story for us to tell about newly emerging benefits and topics.When creating new blog content, our employees tied in some topics that were surprisingly interesting to read. Material included topics like 1) the value of our multi-language enrollment services, 2) the value of our services to millennial employees, 3) the emergence of non-traditional benefits such as identity theft protection and pet insurance. The blog content written by our employees will be released through the back half of 2019. We hope you enjoy it.

In summary, our Clients are amazing and our employees are amazing. I am so proud to work at Steele.