Accurate Administration

Professional implementation of an online administration solution creates an accurate database of benefit participation.  Gone are the days of having multiple systems to manage your benefits.

Some of the ways we keep you accurate include:

  • Eliminating Keying Errors
    You no longer have to input into a system based off what you read on paper forms.
  • Electronic Data Feeds
    You no longer have to input the same data into multiple systems – it is shared automatically saving you input time and errors.
  • Reporting
    Has it ever taken you days to produce a benefits report?  Never again.  Produce accurate reporting in minutes.
  • Billing
    Self bills take a lot of the manual work out of list billings.  Billing information that is needed by employer can be pulled directly from our solution.
  • Terminations
    One click terminations will process employment terminations to multiple benefit companies, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and ease with the termination process.

Steele helps employers with accuracy, time savings, and compliance.


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