Why Steele?

Why do business with Steele?  Here are a few things we strive to do with each of our clients.

We Bring Clarity:

We are a benefit administration, enrollment, and communications company, but the better way to think of Steele Benefit Services is as an extension of your company. Since 2000, we have been helping employees throughout the U.S. understand the benefits offered by their employers. 

We Bring Simplicity:

Managing the installation of plan administration technology to eliminate paper forms and manual data entry simplifies the entire end-to-end process. We replace the dread of an overwhelming company-wide open enrollment process with streamlined service options that include on-site employee meetings, online employee self-service enrollment, and call center enrollment support. 

We Bring Accuracy:

Helping our clients eliminate paper and manual processes with on-line enrollment, tracking and reporting means greater accuracy in compliance including Affordable Care Act form generation and other federal and state legal requirements. Our Enterprise solution features a year-round tool that easily accommodates new hires, employment changes, and hours tracking reporting.

We Bring Integrity

Steele Benefits Services is a family owned business that helps hard working people understand and select insurance products that instill security and pride in their workplace. We have a passion for helping employers select and manage benefits that not only serve their employees, but result in more company loyalty and optimism. 

Talk to us, we’ll work with you to determine the best solution, not the one that puts the most money in our pockets. Don’t tackle that mountain of paperwork again. Call us now.


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