Voluntary Insurance Smart Buy

The Benefits of Payroll Deduction Without the Burden of Payroll Deduction

Download the Employer Brochure – NGCOA Course or call Matthew Arnold for program information at O.843-377-8540 M.843-615-2413.

NGCOA members can now offer their employees access to Accident, Critical Illness, Cancer and Hospital benefit products at group rates (savings of 45%-65% compared to individual market rates) but without the burden of payroll deductions, administration or billing. NGCOA members, their employees, and the families of employees pay directly (not through payroll deduction) and may keep benefits even when no longer working at the course.

What Benefits Are Available?

Cancer Insurance
Accident Insurance
Hospital Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance

Why Do I Need These Benefits?

Each of the benefits offered are designed to supplement health insurance.  You have deductibles, co-insurance, co-pays, etc. on your health plan which means that you are likely to have significant out-of-pocket expenses if you face a health issue.  You may also be disabled if you have a health issue.  This means you could face a reduction of income and an increase in out-of-pocket healthcare expenses at the same time.  For many, this can lead to financial ruin.  Participating in this NGCOA SmartBuy can help you guard against the unexpected financial hardships caused by accidents, critical illnesses, cancer, and hospital stays.

How Do I Participate?

Participating is easy. Simply call 1-844-544-8120 to enroll.

What will I need?

Premiums are drafted monthly from your bank account.  Have your bank routing number and your account number ready when you call.

Who is the participating insurer?

The insurance is through Washington National Insurance Company.

How do I file claims?

File claims by phone at 1-800-541-2254.



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